A local statistical inventory will facilitate the comprehensive analyses of how climate change affects social and economic activity. The inventory is vital as it serves as an input for other exercises to be conducted later during the Vulnerability Assessment.

The following data is suggested to be collected (choose what you need):

Socio-economic data
Energy sector data
Transport sector data

Housing/building data
Agriculture data
Generic sector data

The local statistical inventory consists of socio-economic data in your area. In case you are specifically interested in sectoral perspective, then you must also compile data for that sector. Examples from the sectors of energy, transport, housing, and agriculture are accessed via the links. Partially overlapping, suggested data for each data element is presented. If you are not interested in these sectors, you can look at generic sector data — for an idea of what to compile. It is important to take local characteristics into account when collecting statistical data to keep it relevant. It is difficult to work with both too little and too much information.

Comprehensive local data is rarely found. However, data for specific issues is often available. To create a local statistical inventory, some kind of extrapolation or own data collection is often needed. For tips on how to do this, click on the example link on the right.